Dr Christina Anderson

Dr Christina M. Anderson

Christina Anderson is a Daphne Jackson Fellow in the School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS) at University College London.

A multilingual art and cultural historian, she specialises in late medieval / early modern art, heritage, design history and the study of collecting. Her first book, The Flemish Merchant of Venice: Daniel Nijs and the Sale of the Gonzaga Art Collection (Yale University Press) was hailed as one of Christie’s Magazine’s best art books of 2015.

Christina holds a BA in history from Yale University, a postgraduate diploma in music performance from the Royal Carillon School in Belgium, a post-master’s in Architectural Conservation from the KU Leuven in Belgium, and a doctorate in History/History of Art from the University of Oxford. Christina has received funding from the Fulbright program, the Belgian American Educational Foundation, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the British Academy, among others.

Returning to her research career after a four year break, Christina will be working on a digital humanities project examining the networks established by Flemish merchants between Antwerp and various cities in sixteenth- and seventeenth- Italy. Her project is entitled: Merchant Connections: Visualising Networks Between Renaissance Antwerp and Italy

Due to finish in 2024, Christina’s Fellowship is sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).


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