Dr Jocelyn Auger

Dr Jocelyn Auger

Jocelyn Auger is a Daphne Jackson Fellow in the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, Birmingham Platelet Group at the University of Birmingham.

Jocelyn is a biochemist with a background in applied medicine and has a Masters in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and a British Heart Foundation funded PhD in Medicine from the University of Birmingham. Jocelyn focused on signalling events in thrombus formation for her PhD, during which time she was also awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship for a research project at Maastricht University.

Following her PhD, Jocelyn secured a position as a Wellcome Trust-funded postdoctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham where she continued her cardiovascular research. As an author of many publications which were in top ranked journals, including three as first author, Jocelyn presented her work at meetings and conferences around the world.

Cardiovascular disease is a major killer and treatment of thrombotic disorders remains a clinical challenge. Returning to her research after a fourteen year career break, Jocelyn’s long term aim is to improve clinical practice for the management of acute coronary disease by determining the best use of current and new antithrombotic drugs.

Her project is titled: Establishing a microfluidic model of thrombus and endothelial cell interaction under flow as a tool for application of novel imaging techniques and it is sponsored by the British Heart Foundation.

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