What are Research Technical Professional Fellowships?

Research Technical Professional Fellowships offer a vital lifeline for anyone who has worked in a research technical role that wishes to return to their career after a break.

Although they operate along the same lines of our traditional research Fellowships – there are a few significant differences:

  • They are aimed at a different audience – Technologists, Technicians, Lab Assistants, Analysts, Machine Specialist or similar who have had a career break and wish to return to their professional career in the same capacity. They are also open to other professionals who have had a career break and are looking to move into these roles in future.
  • Those undertaking them may have a professional or technical qualification (e.g. C.Tech., C.Eng. or B Tech.) and not necessarily a PhD or BSc.
  • These Fellowships are not focused on a specific research question. Instead, their emphasis is on retraining and reskilling in specific advanced research and engineering techniques.
  • A higher proportion of these Fellowships may be undertaken outside of academia, such as in industry and research institutes – but they are open to all research settings.

By the end of the Fellowship, the individual will be reskilled, overcoming barriers the career break may have created and be proficient in much needed techniques and skills used across a wide range of roles.

Other aspects of these Fellowships remain similar:

  • Research Technical Professional Fellowships could be in any research area depending on sponsorship.
  • The Fellow must have had a career break for 2 years or more for family, caring or health reasons.
  • They are generally for two years in length at 0.5FTE, although there is often flexibility to adapt this as needed depending on the Fellow and the Sponsor.
  • Fellows will have all the benefits of any other Daphne Jackson Fellow, being assigned a dedicated Fellowship Advisor to guide and support them throughout the application process and the Fellowship. They will access Daphne Jackson Trust training courses and network with other Fellows to build a strong support group and professional contacts.

Why are we interested in Research Technical Professionals?

Those working in Research Technical Professions are vital across all areas of research. They provide in depth specialist knowledge, training and support and have a unique practical understanding of techniques and methodologies as well as providing essential maintenance and repair.

Without them, most research would not happen at all. We therefore see it as a strategic imperative that everyone working in research, in whatever capacity, has the same opportunity to return to their careers after a break. These new Fellowships complement our existing Fellowships to allow us to support more individuals than ever.