Interested in Sponsoring and Hosting a Research Technical Professional Fellowship?

In order for these New Fellowships to be a success, we need Hosts and Sponsors.

Sponsors provide the funding needed to pay the Fellow’s salary, extraordinary expenses (e.g. for attendance and travel to training courses, conferences, learned society memberships) and Fellowship Support costs (our expenses such as infrastructure and dedicated staff time to recruit and retrain Fellows and administer the awards).

Hosts act as the employer for the Fellow and are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate supervision, support and environment in order to undertake their Fellowship. Hosts also cover any additional research costs such as bench fees and consumables.

In practice, and particularly for Research Technical Professional Fellowships, Hosts and Sponsors are likely to be the same organisation.

Why should you Sponsor and Host a Research Technical Professional Fellowship?

Research Technical Professional Fellowships allow brilliant, highly skilled professionals to return to their careers in a technical capacity after a career break. They save an incredible amount of knowledge, expertise and speciality from being lost as well as driving new innovations and discoveries. Sponsoring and hosting is therefore not only morally the right thing to do, but it saves time, experience and commitment that might otherwise take years to develop afresh.

Daphne Jackson Fellowships often help organisations improve the equality and diversity of their research workforce by ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to be part of it – no matter their background or career pathways. Fellows have the full support of the Trust – benefitting from a dedicated Fellowship Advisor that guides and supports them throughout the application process and the Fellowship as a whole. Fellows also access Daphne Jackson Trust training courses and network with other Fellows to build a strong support group and professional contacts. This maximises the chances of each Fellow’s success as demonstrated in our recent Impact Report.

If you are interested in sponsoring or hosting a Research Technical Professional Fellowship, please email us at