Research Technical Professional Fellowships

We are excited to share with you our new Research Technical Professional Fellowships! They offer an unparalleled opportunity for those who have worked in technical roles supporting research and that have had a career break and are now looking to return to their career as a Research Technical Professional.

They are likely to be particularly suitable for research technicians, technologists, lab assistants, analysts, machine specialists or similar, in any form of research, as well as those looking to move into these roles in future.

The emphasis of these types of Fellowships is on skills, techniques and technologies rather than answering a specific research question. Although different to our traditional research Fellowships, our eligibility criteria remains the same.

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Why are we introducing these new Fellowships?

Research Technical Professional Fellowships allow brilliant, highly skilled technologists and technicians to return to their careers after a break. They will save an incredible amount of knowledge, expertise and speciality from being lost from the sector, and they will help drive new innovations and discoveries across many research disciplines.

They are not intended to replace our traditional research Fellowships – the two schemes will operate alongside each other. But they will help organisations address skills shortages and allow us to support all researchers – in all capacities – back into their careers.