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There are two main application routes for Daphne Jackson Fellowships. Whichever route you choose, please read ‘Are you eligible to apply for a Fellowship’ and ‘Application process’ before submitting your application.

Advertised Sponsored Fellowships

Sponsored Fellowships are advertised throughout the year on this page. Please check below if there any opportunities that match your area of expertise.

The advantage of applying for an Advertised Sponsored Fellowship is that the funding for the Fellowship is already in place. Therefore, if you are selected by the Sponsor after interview, your chance of being awarded a Daphne Jackson Fellowship is high. Daphne Jackson Advertised Sponsored Fellowships are very popular for this reason, meaning there are often a number of suitable and talented candidates applying for each opportunity. Strong applicants who are not successful in their application can convert to the Regular Fellowship route.

Regular Fellowships

If you have a potential host organisation and/or research area in mind, you can apply for a Regular Fellowship at any time. A Regular Fellowship could also be a good option if there are no advertised opportunities that match your expertise or geographical area. A sponsor will be required for a Regular Fellowship to be awarded and this not guaranteed. Candidates for Regular Fellowships that meet our eligibility criteria will be guided through our application process while we seek sponsorship for their research project.

If you have any questions about our application process, would like to discuss any of the advertised Fellowships, or you would like to apply for a Fellowship but are not sure which application route is most appropriate for you please contact us.

Applications are invited for the following Advertised Sponsored Fellowships.

Fellowship Opportunity Closing date for applications Remit of research How to apply

Applications are invited for the following Advertised Sponsored Fellowships.

We do not have any advertised Daphne Jackson Fellowships at the current time.