We work with a wide range of sponsors including universities, research councils, learned societies, charities and industry to support STEM professionals wishing to return to a research career after a break of two or more years.

Sponsors generously provide the salary for the Fellowship, whilst the host institution provides space, supervision and funds to cover bench fees and consumables.

Many universities choose to both host and sponsor Fellowships.

Sponsors work with the Daphne Jackson Trust in one of two ways to identify and support Fellows:

  1. The sponsor may be matched to a suitable candidate once they have been through our application process
  2. The sponsor may enter into a sponsored Fellowship agreement with the Daphne Jackson Trust in which:
    1. Opportunities are advertised
    2. The sponsor chooses the most suitable candidate

For further details on how to sponsor and/or host a Daphne Jackson Fellow, please contact us for more information or click and download our ‘Sponsoring and Hosting a Daphne Jackson Fellowship’ leaflet here.