A portrait of Daphne Jackson

Daphne Jackson Fellowships are unique. They offer researchers the opportunity to return to a research career after a break of two or more years for a family, health or caring reason. By combining a personlised retraining programme with a challenging research project, held in a supportive UK university or research establishment, our Fellowships provide a vital opportunity for those looking to return to a research career.

Fellowships are flexible and part-time, usually completed over two years at 0.5 FTE. They consist of a challenging research project and at least 100 hours of retraining per year.

The unparalleled support offered by the Trust’s Fellowship Advisors and administrative team, coupled with the mentoring and retraining provided during the Fellowship, give returners the confidence and skills they need to return to research successfully.

Explore this section to find out more about how to apply to become a Daphne Jackson Fellow. Please see our leaflet ‘Find out more about Daphne Jackson Fellowships’.