Daniel Bor

Daniel Bor: Neuroscientist at Cambridge University

I’m incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to return to research whilst still balancing the needs of my family.

Siobhan Dorai-Raj

Siobhan Dorai-Raj: Microbiologist at The John Innes Centre

The supportive and family-friendly environment that the Daphne Jackson fellowship offered me was life changing.

Julia Hubbard

Julia Hubbard: Research Scientist at The Francis Crick Institute

Returning to the forefront of drug discovery and development has been a dream come true.

Jane Sarginson

Jane Sarginson: Clinical Psychology researcher at the University of Manchester

The time felt right for me to return to research.

Raphael Shirley

Raphael Shirley: Astronomer at the University of Sussex

I had a promising early research career but thought I’d never return.