Dr Saraid McIlvride

Dr Saraid McIlvride

Saraid McIlvride is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at the University of Glasgow in the School of Health & Wellbeing.

Saraid completed a BSc and MRes in Biomedical Science at University College London and at St George’s, University of London, respectively.

Following this she worked part-time as a freelance interviewer for a charity, a Research Assistant for Wellbeing of Women and a Research Technician at King’s College London. Saraid then completed her PhD in women’s health research at King’s College London, in which she focussed on metabolic changes during normal and pathological pregnancy. This led to her finding a position as a Post Doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) in the same field also at King’s College London.

Interested in gaining experience in statistical, qualitative, epidemiological or large data set handling methods, Saraid is returning to research after a 3 year career break. Her project is entitled: Investigating the impact of antenatal exposure to maternal medication on pregnancy outcomes and offspring health, neurodevelopmental and educational outcomes.

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