Dr Helen Browning

Dr Helen Browning

Helen Browning is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at Abertay University in the School of Applied Sciences.

After completing a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at The University of Edinburgh, Helen went on to work in clinical practice as a veterinary surgeon. With an interest in research she undertook a Masters in Wild Animal Health at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London and then had the opportunity to work at Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, to train in practical zoological medicine, surgery and preventative medicine.

Securing funding through the competitive Wellcome Trust Vet Research Entry Fellowship programme, Helen then completed a second MSc, this time in Infectious Diseases at The University of Edinburgh, which lead directly to a PhD position at St Andrews University to study cancers in sea lions. Her results were published in both peer and non-peer reviewed journals and she presented her findings at conferences, including the joint Wildlife Disease Association and European Wildlife Disease Association conference in Lyon, France.

Helen has a passion for wildlife research and is keen to re-enter this field, looking specifically at the interface with wildlife disease ecology. Returning to her research after a career break of ten years, she is sponsored by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and her research project is entitled: Marine wildlife as sentinels for antibiotic resistance in the environment


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