Dr Jennifer Tweedy

Jennifer Tweedy is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at the University of Bath in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Jennifer is a mathematician with an MA, MMath and PhD in Maths all from the University of Cambridge and all with first class honours or with distinctions. Following her PhD Jennifer held two Research Fellow positions at the University of Nottingham, before moving to Imperial College London as a Lecturer in Bioengineering, and then as a Senior Lecturer.

Jennifer has 40 publications in leading journals and has presented many times with peer reviewed abstracts or invited presentations at national and international conferences and universities. Receiving grants from organisations including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), British Council, Rosetrees Trust, and the National Institute for Health and Research (NIHR), Jennifer has also been a peer reviewer for papers on over 30 journals, a member of the EPSRC College and a member of several Learned Societies.

Returning to research after a break of four years, Jennifer’s project is entitled: Mathematical Modelling of the Eye and her Fellowship is sponsored by the Royal Society.


Host and Sponsor

  • University of Bath
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