Dr Giulia Tomba

Dr Giulia Tomba

Giulia Tomba is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute.

Giulia has the Italian equivalent of a 1st class MEng from the University of Trieste. Following this Giulia did her PhD at King’s College London, modelling the assembly of biological molecules on metallic surfaces. After completing her PhD, Giulia secured a competitive fellowship in Japan and further research positions followed at the University of Bremen, Germany, and at the University of Cambridge where in one of our projects she worked on the conformational landscape of intrinsically disordered proteins related with the formation of amyloid plaques characteristic of dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Now returning to her research following a 4 year, Giulia’s project is entitled: Explainability and stakeholder engagement in machine learning for healthcare: a co-design strategy within the EDoN initiative.

Due to finish in 2025, her Fellowship is sponsored by The Alan Turing Institute.

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