Dr Sally Kawamura

Dr Sally Kawamura

Sally Kawamura is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at the University of York in the History of Art Department.

Sally did her undergraduate degree in Art at the University of York, after which she travelled to Japan, immersing herself in the culture there and learning the language. Returning to Edinburgh to work, she wrote articles about Japanese culture in her spare time. An MSc in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh followed and after completing a certificate in teaching English as a Foreign Language (CELTA) to enable her to work in Japan, Sally earned an AHRC funded PhD in a decolonial aspect of 1960s Japanese experimental art/music.

Sally went on to teach English at two top Japanese universities, firstly in person, and then later online.

Sally has had her work published, spoken at conferences and taught at a variety of places including the University of Reading, The University of Manchester and the University of Liverpool. Now returning to her research after a thirteen year break, her project is titled: International Reverberations: Group Ongaku, Fluxus and Experimental Communities

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