Dr Ehsan Khalefa

Dr Ehsan Khalefa

Ehsan Khalefa is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at the University of Portsmouth in the Centre for Applied Geoscience.

Originally from Palestine, Ehsan has a BSc in Agricultural Engineering and a Diploma of Higher Studies in Environment and Forestry from the University of Damascus, Syria. Whilst working for the Syrian government Ehsan was awarded a scholarship to undertake a Masters in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources at the University of Leicester. Working on her PhD in the same institute, she used satellite imaging for environmental monitoring and protection and was awarded a grant to spend time at the University of Jena in Germany where she was trained in coding and programming to investigate satellite images. On completing her PhD, she worked as a research associate on a project that used satellite images to monitor crops in the UK.

Ehsan went on to work for the NGO “earthwatch” as a remote-sensing research consultant using satellite images and the returned to the University of Leicester as a research associate.

During her break from research Ehsan completed a PGCE in secondary education and taught physical geography A-level classes at Portsmouth College part-time.

Returning to research her project is titled: Uses of Satellite Remote Sensing to map and monitor the impacts of climate and land use changes on surface water availability on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro

Her Fellowship is sponsored by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).


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