Twelve more STEM researchers return with Daphne Jackson Fellowships

We’ve been busy here at the Daphne Jackson Trust and are delighted to announce that in the last four months 12 new Fellowships have been awarded. The awards mean a further nine women and three men will return to research in STEM disciplines ranging from astrophysics to biomedicine, at universities around the UK from Exeter to Edinburgh.

Congratulations to our new Fellows who will begin their journey back to STEM careers in the coming months, and thank you to the Fellowship sponsors and host institutions that have made it possible.

We are grateful to the Universities of Northumbria, Exeter, York, Herriot-Watt, Imperial College and UCL, and the Royal Astronomical Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry, STFC, MRC, NERC and MRS for sponsoring these Fellowships. We are also very grateful to the host universities and supervisors who will be working with and supporting the new Fellows throughout their retraining and return to research.

Good luck to our new Fellows Palat Ushasree, Emma Pilgrim, Nicky Farrer, Brendan Garrett, Alan Fox, Maria Marcha, Elaine Hunter, Sarah Buchanan, Clare Lawson, Anna Jay, Matt North and Hanadi Hassan-Nixon!

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