Daphne Jackson Fellow honoured in the 2017 Power Part Time List

13 February 2017 | News news

Daphne Jackson Fellow Dr Morag Maskey has been named in the 2017 Power Part Time List: a national roll call of the UK’s top 50 men and women who work in senior, business-critical roles, all on less than five days per week.

The 2017 Power Part Time list – now in its fifth year – is compiled annually by Timewise Joint CEOs and co-founders Karen Mattison MBE and Emma Stewart MBE, to create more role models, debunk the myth that you cannot deliver in a top job in less than full time hours, and change the conversation on how businesses recruit senior talent. On this year’s list more than half of the business men and women were recruited into their roles on a part time basis.

This year, Timewise has also introduced a new category to champion the ‘Ones to Watch’ in conjunction with the main Power List, in partnership with EY. Recognising that working part time in middle management roles often also comes with its challenges, the new category has identified 10 stellar individuals who are already working flexibly in the mid-career stage, and proving that it is possible to negotiate part time hours mid-career, as well at the top.

Timewise (www.timewise.co.uk) is a multi-award winning social business and leading change agent for the flexible recruitment market in the UK, running a series of services to articulate the business benefits of quality part time and flexible work, designed to boost the number of jobs that are advertised with flexible working possibilities in the UK.

The List, designed to inspire more employers to open their doors to talented people who need flexible and part time work, has been published in association with Management Today and is supported by businesses that champion workplace change and are at the cutting-edge of finding the best of talent: EY, Diageo and The Instant Group.

Dr Morag Maskey works 4 days a week at Newcastle University and leads a research stream which is investigating the use of virtual reality to help children and adults with autism to manage their anxiety. She has three children aged 12 to 15, and her youngest is on the autism spectrum. Returning from a five-year career break five years ago, Morag started work with the autism research team on a 0.5 FTE basis, following the award of a Newcastle University funded Daphne Jackson Trust Fellowship. She has increased her hours as her children got older and the research developed. The success of Morag’s work has led to a new virtual reality intervention for children with autism that is now available in the NHS, a process which Morag is managing, with the potential to help many young people with autism.

Timewise conducted the nationwide call to action for nominations in 2016, calling upon the public to nominate inspirational individuals they knew, who work part time / flexibly at senior levels.

Joint CEO Karen Mattison MBE led the judging panel which included:
• Lynn Rattigan, Chief Operating Officer, EY UK & Ireland
• Belinda Earl, Style Director, Marks & Spencer
• Andrew Saunders, Deputy Editor, Management Today magazine
• Katie Bickerstaffe, Chief Executive Officer, Dixons at Dixons Carphone plc, UK & Ireland
• Sally Bundock, Presenter, BBC World Business Report
• Andrew Porter, Head of Talent Engagement, Diageo
• Emma Stewart MBE, Joint CEO, Timewise

After receiving a wide range of industry nominations, the judges compiled the lists of people deemed to be the most outstanding. Both lists are not ranked or numbered in any way.

Morag says: “I’m honoured to have been included in the Timewise 2017 Power Part Time List and that, by opening up about my own personal working patterns, I can help pave the way for future generations of workers – men as well as women – who will need to fit work with other major commitments in life.”

Timewise Joint CEO and judge Karen Mattison MBE, who led the initiative from the start says: “Dr Maskey and all winners from our top 50 and Ones to Watch category represent how work in the UK is changing, and offers us a glimpse into how jobs will be designed in the future. All it takes is an open minded employer who is prepared to try something new in a bid to hire or keep the best people, and an innovative solution is born.  I am delighted that the conversation is moving away from WHY people need to work flexibly, to HOW businesses and individuals are making it work.”

For the full list of this year’s 50 Power Part Timers and Ones to Watch, please visit Management Today www.managementtoday.co.uk and www.timewise.co.uk.

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