Dr Debarati Torrens

Dr Debarati Torrens

Debarati Torrens is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at Brunel University London in the Institute of Energy Future.

With a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Kings College University, Debarati went on to do her phD at Brunel University London, researching Frosting and Demand Defrost Control of Retail Food Refrigeration Systems. As a post doctoral researcher she continued to work on projects relating to commercial refrigeration.

Now returning to her research following a 16 year break, Debarati wishes to update her existing expertise in modelling retail refrigeration energy usage and associated computer modelling to create a computer model of optimised energy usage in supermarket chilled food storage systems. Her project is entitled: Devising Demand Side Response Strategy for Supermarket Energy Management using Neural Networks

Due to finish in 2024, her Fellowship is sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

See the video Debarati has made with the Royal Academy of Engineering about her research: Dr Deberati Torrens – YouTube

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