The Daphne Jackson Trust 2022 Conference – Overcoming Barriers & Making an Impact

On the 10th November we held the 6th Daphne Jackson Trust conference; ‘Overcoming barriers and making an impact”.

The Daphne Jackson Trust Chief Executive, Dr Katie Perry shares;

“The events theme was all about creating change – identifying and understanding barriers, carefully deciding on a course of action, putting plans into motion, and measuring and reviewing their impact. It could be something small and individual, or part of a larger collaborative effort to challenge organisations and structures. I know that achieving change is not easy – if it were, it would already have happened by now. But recent history has taught us that change is sometimes forced upon us. This is what makes Daphne Jackson Fellows pioneers of change. They already have a ‘head start’ because their lives have undergone such huge changes that they have all had to step away from their careers. Their shared experience of dealing with this, and their resolve to overcome and return to their careers is inspiring. This is what fuels my resolve to continue supporting all research returners no matter where they are from or what they specialise in.

The Daphne Jackson Trust conference is the largest gathering of current and former returners and offers a unique insight into the world of returners, their inspiring and unique personal stories and the impact they make having returned to careers. All our Fellowships are offered to those where their career break has been for a family, caring or health reason.

At the event, all current and recent former fellows are invited to present a poster or object at the conference. Since the first conference in 2012 it has gradually developed to include sessions on the wider research environment and some of the issues and challenges faced by returners as well as simply an opportunity for the Fellows to get together and network. It is still the main showcase event for the Trust and a great way to raise awareness of the work we do and the importance of a truly diverse research workforce.

I feel things are different from where they were three years ago. I hear a growing chorus demanding change, a tiresomeness with a lack of action and steadfast resistance to return to ‘how things have always been’. I wholeheartedly welcome this and want to see more. Now more than ever is the right time to act as linear careers become less likely. We need to improve the prospects for all returners at all stages of their research careers. If each one of us commit today to doing one thing to help achieve this, we can continue to move towards a research environment where everyone’s contributions are welcomed and supported”

The Trust are extremely grateful to everyone who has been involved in the planning and organising of the 2022 Conference. Thank you to our Fellows, Former Fellows, Sponsors, Senior Researchers and Academics, High Profile Speakers, Guests from the research community and Trustees. And finally, a huge thank you to all the delegates who made it here despite the rail strikes. We are also extremely grateful to The Royal Society of Chemistry and the British Pharmacological Society.


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