7 out of 10 Daphne Jackson Fellows remain in research for at least 2 years after successfully completing their fellowship

Funding your fellowship

Your fellowship will be financed by your sponsor and/or host institution.

Whilst the Trust provides the infrastructure and dedicated staff to recruit and retrain Fellows and administer the awards, financial support for salaries, bench fees, consumables and other costs is provided by external sponsors such as the host university, a research council, charity or relevant learned society.

For further details on salaries, bench fees and other costs click here.

Extraordinary expenses

You will also have an extraordinary expense allowance of £1,500 per annum which may be used for courses, travel to conferences and for personal computer equipment. The four Daphne Jackson Trust courses are compulsory and the associated costs are deducted from the Fellow’s allowance. The cost of the courses is £600 in total. The allowance may also be used for unusual laboratory requirement, solely for the fellow’s use, which the host organisation would not normally have available.

Claims for this allowance may be made by the Fellow directly to the Trust. Both the supervisor and Fellow must agree the use of the allowance and the Trust will adjudicate on the use of the allowance if necessary.

The Trust also operates a Special Discretionary Fund to support Fellows’ exceptional research needs or exceptional cases of financial hardship, where establishment or satisfactory completion of a Fellowship would otherwise be jeopardised. Further details are available on request.