'If you are wondering whether to apply for a Daphne Jackson Fellowship, I would say 'Do it!' - It's a rare opportunity and you will rediscover your real self in the process.'


Are you a scientist, technologist, engineer or mathematician who has had a career break of 2 or more years for family, caring or health reasons and wishes to return to research? If so the Daphne Jackson Trust may be able to help.

A Daphne Jackson Fellowship is a unique fellowship designed to return STEM professionals to their careers after a break. Fellows normally carry out their research part-time over 2 years, in a university or research establishment in the UK. The Fellowships are flexible and include a tailored training programme designed to update skills and knowledge and support you in your return to research.

Check out the pages in this menu to find out more about becoming a Daphne Jackson Fellow, or contact the Trust to speak to one of our Fellowship Advisors.

Download our leaflet: More about Daphne Jackson Fellowships