A Mathematician in the making

Dr Dimitra Kosta, School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh

Dimitra undertook her Daphne Jackson Fellowship between 2014 and 2017 at the University of Edinburgh, sponsored by Dimitra KostaEPSRC. Before her Fellowship Dimitra, Dimitra had a career break for maternity reasons, during which her son was born and then three years later her first daughter was born as well. During her career break, Dimitra found it increasingly difficult to find positions within her specialism. She realised that she needed to grow her experience and develop more recent research impacts to gain a competitive edge.

“After my career break, I felt that all doors were closed when it came to a research career in mathematics. The Daphne Jackson Fellowship was a springboard back into research and towards an independent research career. The great thing about the Daphne Jackson Trust is that it also offered excellent courses and access to a supportive network of Fellows, all while balancing my family and career needs.”

Dimitra went on to secure a prestigious Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow position at the University of Glasgow and subsequently a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh.