Dr Sophie Rocks

Dr Sophie Rocks is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at the University of Surrey in the Centre for Environment and Sustainability and the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing.

With a BSc in Biochemistry and an MSc in Toxicology from the University of Surrey, Sophie completed her PhD in free radical chemistry at the Queen Mary University of London and went on to work as a postdoctoral researcher at Cranfield University in environmental risk and nanomaterials. This led to her becoming a lecturer in Nanotoxicology and subsequently Senior lecturer in Emerging Risks at Cranfield University. As well as being the PI on a number of grants, Sophie has also sat on expert committees for DEFRA.

Returning to research after a five year career break, Sophie’s Fellowship is being sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

Due to finish in 2023, Sophie’s project is entitled: Artificially Intelligent risk assessment: removing human susceptibility from complex risk assessment. 

Host and Sponsors

  • University of Surrey
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • Natural Environment Research Council