Dr Michelle Byford

Dr Michelle Byford

Michelle Byford is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at Queen Mary University of London in the Wolfson Institute of Population Health, Preventive Neurology Unit.

With a BSc in Biochemistry from Rhodes University, South Africa, Michelle received a Rhodes scholarship for an MSc at the University of Oxford in Neuroscience. Working as a Research Associate at the Royal College of Physicians, and then as a Clinical Researcher on the National Confidential Enquiry on Patient Outcome, Michelle decided to study epidemiology. She has an MPhil from the University of Cambridge in Epidemiology and Public Health, and a PhD in the same subject from University College London, both funded by Wellcome. Michelle went on to work as an Epidemiologist and Study manager in Public Health at University College London.

Michelle’s Fellowship is sponsored by Queen Mary University of London.

Returning to research after five years, her research project is titled: Social determinants of dementia risk across the life course: causality, genetic interactions and neural mechanisms


Host and Sponsor

  • Queen Mary University of London