Dr Lisa Thompson

Dr Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at The University of Kent and is holding her Postdoctoral Fellowship in the School of Physical Sciences and the School of Biosciences, under the supervision of Professor Jennifer Hiscock, Professor Michelle Garrett, and Professor Dan Mulvihill.

Lisa was a Principal Scientist, a Medicinal team leader and organic synthetic chemist at Pfizer prior to her career break in 2001.

In her academic journey, she achieved a First Class (Honours) Chemistry (Sandwich) degree from the University of Leicester, with a successful placement year in the pharmaceutical industry, as a synthetic organic chemist at Rhone-Poulenc Rorer. Following this, she gained a fully funded PhD scholarship with Glaxo-Wellcome working on three collaborative projects between the academia and industry, and in her first year, she was the first PhD student to work in the Glaxo laboratories; this unit was specifically built in Cambridge chemistry department that housed both postgraduates and Glaxo-Wellcome research scientists. Her remaining time in Cambridge was in academic labs. Aspiring to become a drug discovery research scientist, she took up a short postdoctoral position with Parke-Davis Neuroscience Centre, followed by medicinal and organic chemistry team leader roles in Pfizer from 1999 until 2001; during this time, she was full-time, part-time and had two maternity leaves. Prior to her career break she gained authorship and co-authorship in nine publications and four patents.

She has now returned to her research career after a 12-year career break. Lisa’s project entitled: Developing the Chameleonic Capabilities of Supramolecular Self-associating Amphiphile (SSA) Nanotechnology for Targeted Drug Delivery

Lisa’s Fellowship is due to finish in 2024; is sponsored by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), and she independently achieved additional funding and support from AstraZeneca.

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