Dr Georgina Southon

Dr Georgina Southon

Georgina Southon is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at the University of York in the Department of Biology.

With a first degree in English Literature, Georgina then went on to do a diploma in horticulture at the Hadlow College of Agriculture. This led to a Masters in Plant Science at the University of Reading, which she did on a part time basis, whilst working at the National Fruit Collection in Kent. Following this, Georgina went on to do her PhD at Imperial College London, investigating lowland heathland ecosystems.

Now returning to research after a four year break, Gerogina’s project is entitled: Are urban centres a source of heat-adapted biodiversity for the wider landscape as a result of early establishment in urban heat-islands and subsequent spread?

Due to finish in 2023, her Fellowship is sponsored by the University of York and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).


Host and Sponsors

  • University of York
  • Natural Environment Research Council