Dr Anirban Jyoti

Dr Anirban Jyoti

Anirban Jyoti is a Daphne Jackson Fellow at The University of Nottingham in the Wolfson Centre for Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering and Modelling. After studying microbiology at the University of Dakar, Bangladesh, Anirban completed his PhD at Soonchunhnang University, South Korea. Having worked as a post-doc researcher in the field of Biomedical Sciences at two different universities in South Korea, he is now returning to his career after a four year break.

Anirbans’s Fellowship is sponsored by The University of Nottingham and Ceramisys and he is due to finish in 2022.

His project is titled: Enhancing the Effect of Antibiotics released from HA/β-TCP bone grafts on Biofilm Mediated Osteomyelitis Using Quorum Sensing Inhibitors.


Host and Sponsors

  • The University of Nottingham
  • Ceramisys