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New year, new sponsored Fellowship at the John Innes Centre

In 2015, 26 scientists and engineers returned to research with a Daphne Jackson Fellowship. Could it be you in 2016?

You can apply for a Daphne Jackson Fellowship at any time - complete the application forms, find a potential supervisor and host organisation, and as you progress through the process, the Trust explores sponsorship options for you. Additionally, we sometimes have fully or half-sponsored opportunities with host and/or funding organisations. The location or subject area of sponsored Fellowships may differ, but the level of support from the Trust and the structure of the Fellowship itself essentially remains the same. 

Currently, we have a half-sponsored Fellowship opportunity at the John Innes Centre at the Norwich Research Park. An internationally renowned centre of excellence for research in plant and microbial science, the scientific research at the Centre makes use of a wide range of disciplines in the biological and chemical sciences, including cell biology, computational and mathematical biology, biochemistry, chemistry, genetics and molecular biology. 

You can read more about the Trust and the opportunity in the advert pdf, the deadline for applications is Friday 18th March

We periodically advertise new sponsored Fellowships, so if you have any questions as a potential Fellow, supervisor, host, or sponsor, do check the website, or contact the office to discuss on 01483 689 166, or email djmft@surrey.ac.uk.