250 women and men returned to research between 1992 and 2012 thanks to a Daphne Jackson Fellowship

Salaries, bench fees and other costs

Daphne Jackson Fellowships are funded by our generous sponsors and host organisations. Below is an outline of how Fellowships are funded. Please contact us if you require further details.

Fellows' salaries are paid by the sponsor and are usually on the relevant pay scale for postdoctoral research assistants as set out in the HE framework agreement.

Bench Fees
Any bench fees are paid by the host institution. The host institution also provides appropriate space, equipment and supervision for the Fellow to carry out her/his research.

The cost of consumables can vary dramatically depending on the type of research being undertaken. In most cases the host institution will cover consumables, but in some cases these costs are met by the sponsoring organisation.

Fellowship support costs
The sponsoring organisation will pay the Trust's costs for recruitment and administration of the Fellowship. Each Fellow is assigned a named Fellowship Advisor who provides ongoing mentoring and support throughout the Fellowship.

Other costs
Fellows have access to £1500 extraordinary expenses per year, the cost of which is met by the sponsor.

The Trust also operates a special discretionary fund for exceptional cases of financial need that would preclude successful completion of a fellowship.


Further details on supporting a Daphne Jackson Fellowship are available from the Daphne Jackson Trust office.