250 women and men returned to research between 1992 and 2012 thanks to a Daphne Jackson Fellowship

Guidelines for sponsoring organisations

Sponsorship is vital for the Daphne Jackson Trust and its Fellows. Whilst the Trust provides the infrastructure and dedicated staff to recruit and retrain fellows and administer the awards, financial support is provided by external sponsors and host institutions. 

Every organisation that realises the importance of maintaining a diverse and talented science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce should consider sponsoring a Daphne Jackson Fellow.

Some sponsors fund a Fellowship in a specified area and select the candidate they wish to sponsor. Other sponsors are happy for the Trust to award the funds to the most appropriate Fellow. 

Many organisations are able to both sponsor and host a Fellowship. 

The host organisation must provide a research facility to allow fellows to carry out their fellowship research project.

Fellows who wish to publish their research are bound to publish openly and must not undertake research on behalf of any particular sponsor during their fellowship.

To download our guidelines for sponsors, please click on the link below:
Guidelines for sponsors and donors