250 women and men returned to research between 1992 and 2012 thanks to a Daphne Jackson Fellowship

Guidelines for host organisations

Daphne Jackson Fellowships are normally hosted in university laboratories or industrial companies which undertake research and development. 

The host organisation makes a valuable contribution to the process by covering all bench fees and day-to-day consumables. The host organisation also provides a qualified supervisor to oversee the research work undertaken and provide appropriate technical assistance in accordance with the Trust’s ‘guidelines for supervisors’.

The host organisation will become the employer of the Fellow, determines the salary level, and is responsible for all appropriate insurances, terms and conditions of work, intellectual property rights and associated matters relating to the employment of a researcher. The Daphne Jackson Trust does not have any obligations, duties or commitments within the employment contract between the Fellow and the host organisation other than on an advisory basis.

The host organisation will invoice the Trust on a quarterly basis to recover the cost of the Fellowship salary unless otherwise arranged. The Fellow has access to an extraordinary expenses allowance which is provided and administered by the Trust. 

A Fellowship may be approved by the Trust’s Awards Committee, however it cannot commence until sponsorship has been secured.

To download our guidelines, please click on the link: Guidelines for host organisations