'I first heard of the Daphne Jackson Trust  when I was recruiting a postdoctoral scientist. One of the candidates was a former Daphne Jackson Fellow. The candidate performed brilliantly at interview, was hired, and became one of the most productive members of my research team.'

Sponsoring and hosting Daphne Jackson Fellowships

The Daphne Jackson Trust aims to support the UK's research community in its drive to ensure a diverse range of talented professionals succeed in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers by offering part-time paid fellowships hosted by universities and research institutes throughout the UK.

The Trust works in partnership with universities, research councils, learned societies, charities and industry, to support STEM professionals wishing to return to a research career after a break of 2 or more years, taken for family, caring or health reasons.


Whilst the Trust provides the infrastructure and dedicated staff to recruit and retrain Fellows, and administer the awards, financial support is provided by external sponsors and hosts. Many universities choose to both host and sponsor a Daphne Jackson Fellow.


Download our leaflet Sponsoring and Hosting a Daphne Jackson Fellow