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Fellows returning to Mathematics

Dr Susan Franks

Susan graduated from the University of Nottingham in 1997 with a degree in Mathematics with Engineering. She then studied for a PhD in Applied Mathematics. After completing her PhD in 2001 Susan undertook two postdoctoral positions with the Pathology Department at the University of Sheffield and the Institute of Biomechanics at the University of Nottingham applying her mathematics to biological and medical problems. She joined the Health and Safety Laboratory in 2004 undertaking a scientific role, and subsequently a management role. After taking 5 years out to look after her daughter, Susan was awarded a Daphne Jackson Fellowship in 2015 allowing her to return to biomathematical modelling. Based at the University of Nottingham, the Fellowship involves close interaction with experimentalists to develop an integrative systems biology approach to mathematically model fibre-reinforced biological materials, in particular, intervertebral discs and plant cell walls.

Host: University of Nottingham
Sponsors: University of Nottingham & EPSRC


Dr Dimitra Kosta

Dimitra was awarded a Daphne Jackson Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh following a four-year career break to bring up her two young children. Prior to her career break Dimitra’s education and research were hosted at the University of Ioannina, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Vienna, where she gained experience at undergraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral level. Her research originally lay in pure mathematics and in particular in the area of algebraic geometry. Currently she is interested in the interplay between statistics and algebraic geometry and is following a tailored retraining programme in Probability and Statistics designed to update skills and knowledge in support of her return to research. This Fellowship provides a rare opportunity to reintegrate into the research environment after a career break. Very importantly it includes a series of professional courses which significantly help to build confidence and raise one’s research profile.

Host: University of Edinburgh
Sponsors: University of Edinburgh & EPSRC