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Fellows returning to Computer Sciences

Dr Kathy Kotiadis

Dr Kathy Kotiadis is a former assistant professor at Warwick Business School and a former lecturer at the University of Kent. She graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Management Science and went on to do a PhD in operational research at the University of Kent. Kathy was the co-chair of the UK simulation study group from 2006-2011 organising national and international events. She has published several papers in operational research and was co-editor of the book Conceptual modelling for discrete event simulation. In 2009 she was awarded the KD Tocher Medal by the OR Society for the best simulation paper published in the Journal of Simulation over the period 2007-8. In 2011 Kathy took a career break for family reasons and in 2014 was awarded the Daphne Jackson Fellowship to enable her to undertake new research in the field of simulation modelling.

Host & Sponsor: University of Kent

Dr Paula Severi

I did a PhD in Computer Science in The Netherlands and had a position at the University in Uruguay.
For family reasons, I moved to England and had a career break of about eight years.
The aim of my fellowship research is to study methods for guaranteeing
the correctness of communicating processes. I am following courses on concurrency,
compression methods for multi-media  and distributed systems.
The Daphne Jackson Fellowship is helping me to feel more confident as a researcher.x
I love all aspects of my work from the lively discussions with my supervisor and colleagues
to using the little grey cells, writing papers and travelling to conferences and  other universities.

Host: University of Leicester
Sponsors: University of Leicester & EPSRC