'Being a Daphne Jackson Fellow has had a huge impact on my well-being and confidence. My career break involved both having children and moving around a great deal with my husband’s career. Returning to the world of research has given me back a sense of identity and boosted my feelings of confidence and self-esteem.'

Submitting your CV and personal statement

Please check our eligibility criteria before applying, and if you have any questions, call us on 01483 689166.

The first step of the Daphne Jackson Fellowship application process is to download and complete the 2 forms below and submit them via email to the Trust at djmft@surrey.ac.uk. 


djt-personal-details_form (44.9KB) djt-cv_and_personal _statement form (50.3KB)

Your eligibility and suitability for a Fellowship will be assessed using this information in conjunction with a telephone interview with one of our Fellowship Advisors. If your eligibility and suitability are confirmed, you will be asked to write a draft research and training proposal (guidance is given). Your draft proposal will be assessed for both merit and likelihood of obtaining funding. If acceptable, you will then be invited to make a formal application.