The Daphne Jackson Trust offers flexible paid fellowships with mentoring and retraining that help women and men return to research after a career break of 2 or more years

Who we work with

The Daphne Jackson Trust works in partnership with a range of organisations to meet its aims and return STEM professionals to their careers following a break of 2 or more years.

We work with learned societies, charities, research councils and universities to sponsor Daphne Jackson Fellows. Universities act as the host institution for our fellows, and often also sponsor individuals.

In our bid to support equality and diversity in the research workforce, we collaborate with Women in STEM groups such as WISE, Cambridge AWiSE, Athena Swan, EPWS and British Federation of Women Scientists And also other organisations such as AMRC, Vitae Researcher Development, the Science Council and others. 

We continue to broaden our reach and develop new partnerships. If you would like to discuss how we might work in partnership with your organisation, please contact us.