The Daphne Jackson Trust offers flexible paid fellowships with mentoring and retraining that help women and men return to research after a career break of 2 or more years

Who we are and what we do

The Daphne Jackson Trust is a registered charity that helps return STEM researchers to their careers with confidence.

Work life balance is a key issue in our society and many people take a break for family or health reasons. In the fast moving world of scientific research, highly qualified and skilled individuals who take a career break quickly find themselves lagging behind their peers, and when returning to work, they struggle to find research-based employment which fully utilises their knowledge and experience.

The aims of the Daphne Jackson Trust are:

  • to enable women and men to return to research with confidence after a career break
  • to maintain a talented STEM workforce by offering flexible fellowships
  • to support equality and diversity in the workplace
  • to develop partnerships that extend the reach and increase the impact of the work of the Trust