The Daphne Jackson Trust offers flexible paid fellowships with mentoring and retraining that help women and men return to research after a career break of 2 or more years

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Leaving a Legacy to the Daphne Jackson Trust

Daphne Jackson had a vision to stem the appalling waste of talent and resources that occurs when science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals are unable to return to their careers after a break. When Daphne Jackson died she left a lasting legacy which led to the Daphne Jackson Trust. Help us to continue realising Daphne’s vision by leaving a legacy of your own to safeguard the careers of future generations of scientists.

We are the only charity in the country dedicated to returning talented STEM professionals to their careers. We have a 96% success rate in returning scientists to their careers after successfully completing a Fellowship. Our success has been made possible due to the tremendous support we have received from our Fellowship sponsors and the generous donations and legacies made by organisations and individuals.

Science, engineering and technology are indispensable in our everyday lives. It is essential that we create a future in which STEM professionals are able to take essential career breaks without the fear of losing their futures and provide equal opportunities for all to return to STEM careers. Work life balance is a key issue in today’s society with many more people taking career breaks for a variety of reasons, such as having and rearing a family, caring responsibilities, illness and relocation. If a STEM professional has a break of more than two years it can be impossible for them to return to their careers at the appropriate level and then the investment in their education and training are completely wasted.

You would be most welcome to discuss with us any specific ways in which you would like your legacy to be used – for example, you could leave a legacy to benefit a particular field of study, or to generally fund all Fellows.

There are two types of Legacy:
1. Pecuniary Legacy - this is a specified sum of money, or a specified item of value, such as a painting, property or shares.
2. Residuary Legacy – this is a percentage of the remainder of your estate once the executors have made all the outgoing payments and other legacies or bequests.

If you choose to remember the Daphne Jackson Trust with a legacy, please let us know. It is tremendously useful in helping us to plan for the future and gives us the opportunity to show our appreciation for your generosity. Please download the form by clicking on the link below and return it to the Trust Office if you have planned to leave us a gift.

 Daphne Jackson Trust Legacy 

Leaving a legacy is an amazing way for your generosity to help protect future generations of SET professionals. Your gift will enable you to contribute to scientific and technology research beyond your own lifetime.