The Daphne Jackson Trust offers flexible paid fellowships with mentoring and retraining that help women and men return to research after a career break of 2 or more years

More about the Trust

Work life balance is a key issue in our society and many people take a break for family or health reasons. In the fast moving world of scientific research, highly qualified and skilled individuals who take a career break quickly find themselves lagging behind their peers, and when returning to work, they struggle to find research-based employment which fully utilises their knowledge and experience.

The Daphne Jackson Trust is an independent charity dedicated to returning talented scientists to careers after a break of two years or more. These are people who have already been trained in a STEM discipline, but who have taken a break to  bring up children, relocate with a partner, illness, or to look after elderly or disabled family members, and who might be lost to the STEM workforce if it wasn't for returners schemes like the Daphne Jackson Fellowships.

The Fellowship provides unparalleled mentoring and retraining that allows individuals to re-establish their scientific credentials whilst retraining and renewing skills that are essential for a future career. At the same time they draw on the skills they have acquired during their career break such as time management, flexibility and adaptability, conflict resolution and working under pressure.

Flexible working opportunities are central to efforts to retain a diverse and talented STEM workforce. Women returning after a career break to bring up children often initially want to return part-time to accommodate childcare arrangements and the Trust's 2-year part-time fellowship offers that flexibility. The Athena SWAN charter, which is a kite-mark for universities that demonstrate supportive working practices for women, is starting to make a real difference, and 82% of university departments with an Athena SWAN bronze award have hosted a Daphne Jackson Fellow.

Building and retaining a talented STEM workforce is crucial for all of us and for our economy. The Government has recognised that more needs to be done to support the STEM workforce, and increasingly, returners schemes like the Daphne Jackson Fellowships are being recognised as an important aspect of encouraging STEM professionals to return to research. The Trust works with a number of organisations including the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to develop ways to encourage women, in particular back into STEM careers.

We are also working with an increasing number of sponsoring organisations who want to support talented people returning after a break in particular research areas such as chemistry, physics and the medical sciences.

Please get in touch to find out how you can work with us to support a diverse and talented STEM workforce.